Welcome! My name is Charissa Joy North. I am a daughter of God, wife to Joshua, and mama to Kingsley Joy. Over the years, my adventures have taken me through nursing school, to Kenya twice, several jobs as an ER nurse, many nannying stents, seminary to study intercultural studies, meeting and marrying the love of my life, countless coffee shops, and two cross-country moves. We currently live in Redding, California, where I work as a psych nurse at a community health center.


As I have followed my heart’s passions to places and into circumstances far beyond my comfort zone, I have learned a few things about life and about myself. First, God is faithful in all things and always travels with me – it is comforting to have Him as my constant, no matter where life leads. Second, there are not many problems in life that cannot be solved by a steaming cup of coffee and a heart-to-heart with a kindred spirit – coffee and community are my top two loves. Lastly, storytelling is a part of who I am and makes me come alive unlike anything else. Writing is the place where I recount my stories, share my dreams, and invite others to read between the lines of everyday life and find the extraordinary.22137156_2026366290925092_1464327143749883635_o


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