Catching Up

The six months that have passed since my last post have been full of travel, big life changes, and – most recently – lots of time spent on the couch trying to not succumb to morning (or all day) sickness. That’s right – we’re having a baby! We found out the end of June, and oh boy has it already been an adventure!

On March 27th I turned 27, so Josh planned a trip to Napa/Sonoma to celebrate. We had an amazing time exploring, sipping new wines, and enjoying delicious pastries at our quaint B&B. It was definitely one of my best birthdays to date – and the company wasn’t bad either!

In April, we traveled to NY/NJ area for our dear friends Jon and Catherine, who asked both of us to stand up with them on their wedding day! We had a blast eating good food, visiting family, and catching up with friends. We realized that was the longest vacation we have ever taken together and decided it must not be the last! Weekend getaways are fun, but there is something to be said for taking a substantial amount of time off to simply explore, eat good food, and reconnect with the people we love.

Only a few weeks after returning from New York, we headed down to Oakland to watch the Yankees play the Oakland A’s. I bought the tickets for Josh’s birthday back in February, so it was fun to finally go! At the game, we found out that if we took our tickets from the game to the Greek festival in Oakland, we could get in for free. After the Yankees won, we found the Greek festival and enjoyed a tour of the Greek Orthodox Church, festive dancing, and incredible food.

Since that trip, we’ve been mostly in the Redding area adjusting to new life rhythms and dreaming of the future. I accepted a new job at one of the hospitals in town working inpatient mental health. It has definitely been an adjustment, especially with the almost constant nausea, but I am excited about the opportunity to learn and grow in this area of nursing. Here are a few photos to give a visual of the past few months…


Golden Birthday Getaway to Napa/Sonoma in March


Reunited with our favorite pizza in Nyack, NY!


Our lovely friend Colleen – we of course had to visit the Chocolate Room in Brooklyn!


Ruth gave us a tour of Williamsburg – who knew we were missing out on Mast Chocolate?


Looking hip in Williamsburg.


Jon and Catherine’s Wedding!


The bride and groom


Josh’s birthday trip to see the Yankees when they played the Oakland A’s in May


Our baby announcement – we’re going to be parents!


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